My Story

As a psychic medium I have experienced many beautiful visions and messages from the spiritual world my entire life.  I have always had a sense of knowing something before it happened .  This is the gift of mediumship.  My spiritual guides would like me to share my gift with you by bringing thru your loved ones in an evidential way.  I offer one hour readings where I will open myself up to receiving messages from  your  spiritual guides and loved ones.  I will convey their messages in a  way so that you will feel  confident that it is your loved ones coming thru the spiritual world.

As a psychic medium I’m always looking to expand my knowledge by studying with other mediums. The last three years  I have had the honor and privilege to mentor under the world renowned evidential psychic  medium  Cindy Clifton and her spiritual guide the Prophet Abraham.  They have taught me that being a medium is a privilege and a gift that should be used to enlighten and comfort those in need.  I take being a medium very seriously and look forward to enlightening and healing your mind, body and soul.

When I’m not studying the divine I focus my attention on the horses I have rescued.  I founded Horse Tales Rescue a 501C3 nonprofit five years ago to give horses a forever home that have run out of options.  Cindy Clifton and her spiritual guide the Prophet Abraham shared with me that all animals have souls but the horse has a soul closest to a humanbeing.  I feel  the depth of their souls the more time I spend with them and appreciate how they have served humankind over the years.  It is my time to serve you by sharing my divine experiences with you. Are you ready to be enlightened??

Love, Light and Blessings,

Bev Barad